Alessandra Cocchi, artist and teacher of art history, was born in Orvieto and lives and works in Cesena, Italy.

The development of her art (illustration, painting and sculpture) reflects various interior situations, all generated by the same expressive urgency. Her works are characterized by a search for synthesis, a process of interiorizing and interpreting reality and a surreal dimension consisting of suspended and fantastical atmospheres.

Paper is her support and expressive material, and she experiments with it using various techniques. She has exhibited her art since 1998.

Alessandra Cocchi english website is divided in four sections: the artist's biography, her works, her exhibitions and the reviews about the artist.

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- Sulle ali della fantasia (On the wings of fantasy), personal exhibition. Gallery La corte, Cesena.


-Sapori e colori (Flavors and colors), personal exhibition. Restaurant Fuoriporta, Cesena.

-Fatto ad arte (Done with art), group exhibition. Magazzini del sale, Cervia.


- Piccoli Spiriti (Little spirits), personal exhibition. Radà, Forlì.


- Natività (Nativity) 2004, group exhibition. Fabbrica cultural center, Gambettola.


- Confini (Borders), group exhibition. Fabbrica cultural center, Gambettola.

- Onirici realismi (Dreamy realism), group exhibition. Gallery Il loggiato, Cesena.

- Natività 2005,  group exhibition. Fabbrica cultural center, Gambettola.


- Pittori astrattisti in mostra a Cesena (Abstract painters on exhibition in Cesena), group exhibition. Municipal gallery Ex-pescheria, Cesena.

- Contemporanea (Contemporaneous), group exhibition. Forlì, Trade fair.


- Equilibri sospesi (Suspended equilibrium), group exhibition. Cultural Center Chiostro San Giovanni Orvieto.


- 1908-2008. Cento anni un giorno (One hundred years, one day), personal exhibition. Sala Migliori Cesena Workers' Association

- Modalità espressive nell'attualità dell'arte a Cesena (Expressive methods in current art in Cesena), group exhibition. Municipal Gallery Ex-pescheria, Cesena.

- Arte e scienza (Art and Science), group exhibition. Palazzo dei Congressi, Orvieto

-The Portable Show , group exhibition, Broadway Gallery, New York


 -Dove abita L'Utopia . Premio Libero Ferretti, group exhibition, Polytechnic University of Ancona.

- The flag. group exhibition, NY Arts Bejing Gallery, International Art Camp he Ge Zhuang Village, Beijing, China

- Dove abita l'Utopia. Premio Libero Ferretti, group exhibition, Museo Permanente, Milano.

Exposition "The flag" 2009
NY Arts Beijing Gallery,


Exposition  "Art and Science" . 2008
Palazzo dei Congressi, Orvieto


Exposition "Suspended equilibrium". 2007
Chiostro San Giovanni, Orvieto